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Hair Styling, Extension and Hair Loss Services

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Keratin Strands  

Hair extensions, keratin, strands, tape and stylist and curly extensions

Curly Extensions 

Quikkie Secrets

Hairdreams Polymer Strands are a popular choice for those looking to add length and volume to their hair. These high-quality extensions are made with 100% real human hair and are attached using a gentle, yet secure, Polymer Strands. With proper care, Hairdreams Polymer Strands can last up to six months, making them a great investment for anyone looking to enhance their natural locks, these quality strands come in normal, medium and comfort points.

From £165.

Introducing Quikkies Secrets – the ultimate solution for an invisible and user-friendly hair extension system. With a diverse product selection catering to every desire and ensuring discreet wear, Quikkies Secrets redefine expectations, excelling particularly in the parting area where conventional systems fall short. Presented by Hairdreams hairdresser Cati Hucke, these tape extensions offer flexible application, seamlessly blending with natural hair, and boast a quick fixing process that eliminates the need for additional devices. Guaranteeing unparalleled wearing comfort, the extremely thin, light, flexible, and durable tapes conform perfectly to the head's shape. With a range of colors, lengths up to 80 cm, and available in two premium hair qualities, Quikkies Secrets unleash limitless creative possibilities, allowing you to elevate your hairstyling game with their discreet and magical allure!

From £235

Hairdreams curly hair extensions are the perfect solution for those who want add volume and length to their hair. Made with high-quality human hair, these extensions blend seamlessly with your natural hair and can be styled just like your own. Whether you want to add some extra bounce to your curls or create a dramatic new look, Hairdreams curly hair extensions are the way to go.

From £400.

Hair extensions, keratin, strands, bonds and tapes and stylist


Hair extensions, keratin, strands, tape and stylist
Quikkie secrets.Hair extensions, keratin, strands, tape and stylist

MicroLines consist of tear-resistant, particularly skin-friendly microfine lines. The finest real hair is individually worked into these - and in careful and complex manual work! 

The MicroLines are connected in a net-like matrix and are light and air-permeable so that your scalp can breathe freely. You will hardly feel them and feel like the MicroLines are your own hair.


MicroLines consist of healthy, untreated human hair of premium quality with an intact cuticle. 

You have the choice between two high-quality premium hair qualities. 

You can reuse MicroLines in the exclusive 7-star hair quality several times and wear them for up to two years or longer, depending on care and cut.

From £1500



Hair extensions, keratin, strands, tape and stylist
Hair extensions, keratin, strands, tape and stylist

Transform your hair effortlessly with Quikkies Tape Extensions, featuring feather-light adhesive strips that provide wild curls or silky smooth styles. Achieve your dream length in no time with the world's thinnest adhesive tape strips, offering versatility with a slight natural wave from beach waves to smooth blowouts, seamlessly blending for an invisible finish.

Experience prolonged glamour by wearing them for 6 to 8 weeks, with the option to reuse. Choose from a diverse color palette and 9 different hair structures, with lengths up to 60 cm and custom lengths up to 80 cm available. Elevate your style with Root Shadows, creating a trendy balayage look and embracing makeup-free Hair Contouring. Specially developed products make caring for your Quikkies Tape Extensions a breeze, ensuring shiny, smooth, and noticeably stronger hair. Join the exclusive myHairdreams club for competitions, advice, stories, and the latest trends. Register now and receive a €50 voucher for your first hair extension or thickening. Embrace the magic of Quikkies Tape Extensions for the best in hair care! 

From £105

Hairdreams Inspo tape extensions can be used on almost any part of the head and also in very fine hair, merging like magic with your customer’s natural hair.

Not only are #iNSPOS allowed to be styled with heat, it is highly recommended! A special sealing protects the #iNSPOS hair and you can use straightening irons and the like without worrying about ruining them.

#iNSPOS “remember” your hairstyles! Sweaty workout? The smooth hair stays smooth. Rainy morning? The curls are still there. At least until the next hair wash, the look stays in perfect shape!

From £105

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