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Our Work

Heaven Lengths transcends traditional hairstyling – we are not just hair stylists; we are hair engineers. Our expertise lies in crafting art from hair, seamlessly blending colors, precision cutting, and expert extensions to achieve stunning, personalized transformations. Beyond aesthetic enhancements, we take pride in restoring confidence to those experiencing hair loss through our specialized solutions. At Heaven Lengths, we view hair as our artistic medium, using it to empower individuals and create personalized masterpieces that go beyond the surface, reflecting both beauty and confidence.


Shauna experienced a luxurious transformation at Heaven Lengths, where Jemma skillfully fitted her with Hairdreams extensions. Our expert touch ensured Shauna not only received top-notch extensions but also a personalized and exceptional experience. At Heaven Lengths, we take pride in delivering the highest quality and sophistication in hair services, leaving our clients like Shauna with a radiant and confident new look.


Dione has regained her confidence with the help of multiple consultations, including telephone, FaceTime, and in-person meetings. The personalized guidance and support provided during these consultations evidently played a crucial role in helping her choose the right product for her needs. The emotional reaction, with tears of joy at the end, reflects the profound impact of the service in restoring Dione's confidence and giving her back what she described as her "crown." This speaks to the transformative power of the consultations and the positive influence it had on Dione's well-being.


Mo's decision to enhance her confidence and self-esteem with the Hairdreams Microlines system is commendable. Known for its natural-looking results and versatility, this system involves integrating high-quality, natural human hair with Mo's existing hair using a fine, virtually invisible microfiber net. This personalized approach adds volume and length, creating a fuller and vibrant appearance. With Jemma as the hairstylist, it's crucial for Mo to openly communicate her preferences and needs to achieve the desired look. The transformation, both physical and emotional, has the potential to positively impact Mo's self-esteem, and any questions or concerns about the process, maintenance, or styling should be addressed with Jemma for a satisfying outcome.


Natalie has chosen 7 packs of Quikkies tapes to achieve longer and thicker hair. Quikkies tapes are known for their efficiency and ease of application, making them a popular choice for individuals seeking a quick transformation. Additionally, the emphasis on natural-looking results indicates that the hair extensions aim to seamlessly blend with Natalie's natural hair, providing a realistic and aesthetically pleasing appearance. This commitment to a natural look ensures that the end result enhances Natalie's hair without compromising on authenticity.


Claire has chosen the Inspo Hair Extensions, opting for 5 packs of 50cm length to achieve fuller and longer hair. These extensions come with a special sealant and a memory curl feature that lasts until the next wash, making them ideal for clients who frequently use hot tools or have concerns about weakening from constant styling. This unique combination of features offers a convenient and long-lasting solution for those seeking enhanced volume and length in their hair.


Julia's commitment to traveling all the way from Preston to have her microlines fitted and maintained speaks volumes about the positive impact it has had on her confidence. The fact that she goes to such lengths for this service indicates a deep satisfaction with the results and the confidence it brings. Microlines, known for their natural appearance and versatility, seem to have played a significant role in enhancing Julia's self-esteem and well-being, showcasing the transformative effect that personalized hair solutions can have on an individual.


Joanna's search for an experienced hair extensionist to achieve the fullness she desired led her to Jemma, and she was thoroughly impressed with the results. Jemma's expertise and skill in hair extensions left Joanna "blown away" by the outcome. This positive experience highlights the importance of finding a skilled professional like Jemma who can understand and meet the client's specific needs, delivering the desired fullness and leaving the client satisfied with the transformation.


Karen opted for 100 bonds to achieve a fuller look for her hair, and she's pleasantly surprised by the lightweight and natural feel of the extensions. The fact that she feels like she has nothing in her head and loves them underscores the success of the choice. This positive experience with the bonds not only achieved the desired fullness but also provided comfort and a seamless blend with her natural hair, contributing to Karen's overall satisfaction and enjoyment of her new look.


Lisa chose Quikkie Secrets for achieving a fuller-looking hair. These hair extensions are designed to provide quick and effective results, enhancing volume and giving you the appearance of fuller hair. The "Quikkie Secrets" likely implies a quick and discreet application, making it a convenient choice for individuals looking to boost their hair volume without a lengthy process. Whether you have thin or fine hair, these extensions can be a great solution to achieve the desired fullness and a more voluminous look.

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